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““I can confirm on the record that Justice Burke did not know who was or was not a client of Klafter & Burke in 2011 and still does not know who may or may not be a client of Klafter & Burke to this day,” court spokesman Christopher Bonjean said in a statement.” So the ignorance defense. She was ignorant that her husband was representing litigants before the IL Supreme Court. I mean, this is the Chief Justice here. I can’t believe the stupidity of some of the these people in Springfield. I mean really, this is her defense, I… Read more »


What? There’s no ‘there’ there. It’s all above board. There’s no corruption, or appearance of corruption. it’s a conspiracy theory to say that anything improper happened. There is simply no evidence that there is any wrong doing. These people are Democrats, so its OK.


Debstor, your snark never ceases to put a smile on my face. And for those of us into that sort of thing: I suppose Illinois has to be useful for something, right?


Rep. Casten called any allegations of wrong doing by Joe and Hunter Biden a ‘conspiracy’ theory. I mean, it’s perfectly normal for the son of the vice president to end up on the board of a Ukrainian natural gas company for $50,000 a month. I mean, sure, it as some have said, has the ‘appearance’ of a conflict of interest – and maybe Hunter was using his dad’s name – and only his name – to get the job, but absent further evidence that we absolutely refuse to even acknowledge might exist, it’s all just a Republican conspiracy theory concocted… Read more »