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Deep in the Heart
1 month ago

You could explain to a child that due to the pandemic things have changed and the trip you promised them to Disney World has to be canceled. They would be disappointed, but understand. Try explaining to a greedy Chicago union worker that due to the pandemic their raise needs to be canceled. They would scream and order more “A promise is a promise” shirts. Those shirts should read “A bribe is a bribe.” I am SO glad to be out of that cesspool of greed. Unfortunately, I do have a few friends and relatives still there who will somehow, someway… Read more »

1 month ago

Yes, and on the adult level let this be a lesson to all who devise devise employee contracts and pension agreements. Any such contract hencefort should have some kind of clause accounting for large-scale unforeseen economic disaster of whatever origin. To do otherwise allows any employee or retiree to think such things have no economic consequences for them, an attitude that might well be upheld when a court comes into play on it.

1 month ago

As long as J Beluga and his trust fund is not one of those “Illinoisans that have to pay for that government”; what the hell does he care!?
This fat f*** is not just economically strangling all the small business’ in the state but their formerly middle class employees as well..

1 month ago


1 month ago

Crony socialism vs. true equal treatment under the law: The only hope of survival for taxpayers is to demand that everyone–EveryOne– is allowed to participate in state sponsored defined benefit entitlements.and TIF. If Illinois pension/insurance/early retirement entitlements are financially viable as politicians insist, The only rationale to deny equal treatment to all Illinois workers is to publicly state that many workers are not as valuable to Illinois as government bureaucrats snd teachers. TIF is the other mechanism popular with governments for diverting public funding to a few selected insiders. TIF could accomplish its stated purpose under the law if each… Read more »

Poor Taxpayer
1 month ago

Honest hard working taxpayers DO NOT COUNT.

Only Government employees who are getting full pay, Full Benefits and Pensions.

They are at home “Working” and will spike their pensions and retire to Florida to live in Luxury homes and drive Luxury cars and go out to dinner every night.

Just Raise taxes on the fools that stay in Illinois. Sounds fair to me, it is called shared burden, you pay, they play.

Illinois “The Land of Slavery”.

Governor of Alderaan
1 month ago

Dictator for Life Jabba is thinking that as Illinois’ finances get worse the chances for a large bailout from Washington increase

Hank Scorpio
1 month ago

Another great discussion Ted! I wish the ILTV interviews got more views.

1 month ago

JB is an anti-religious bigot, intolerant, racist and a self-hating fat man.

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Richard Poo Millersky
1 month ago
Reply to  debtsor

Considering he’s a minority, that’s disturbing. ☹️

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1 month ago

Check out http://www.taxpayersunitedofamerica.org and search “nurses” and see what they estimate what they paid nurses at McCormick place. Approx $187/hour at overtime rates.

s & p 500
1 month ago

Gov. Newsom has changed his mind and decided that the state has to start re-opening, if slowly and with multiple steps. I wonder why.


Lyn P
1 month ago
Reply to  s & p 500

All such headlines, going back two months, need to be corrected to “<PROBLEM>…due to government lockdown buffoonery and tyranny against free people and markets.” NOT due to Covid(hoax).