Ted was on with Mary Griffith of WTAD talking about the loss of population in the Quincy area and across Illinois as a whole.

Illinois competes with its neighbors for people, jobs and businesses, and right now it’s losing. Too many people are finding its too expensive to live here, there’s not enough good paying jobs, and they are tired of the political corruption. People get fed up and then leave.

In all, the Quincy area has lost over 5 percent of its people since 2010.

Interview starts at 15:30


Read more about Illinois’ loss of people:


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4 days ago

Why should anyone be surprised taht people are leaving Illinois.

6 days ago

I am trying my best to move out, but not as easy as it sounds. There is no Future in Illinois when there are no stead fast rules. Remember back when the tollways were built? Tolls were only to be collected till construction was paid for, but that seems to be ongoing. Remember when they had to have the Lottery to help provide for Education in the State, seems that money went elsewhere, since Illinois education system sucks, just ask the Pritzker kids they attend private schools. Now its Gas taxes. Gas taxes are up over .50 cents a gallon… Read more »

Fed up neighbor
7 days ago

Economy said a number of the movement’s supporters believe the governor has mismanaged the state’s coronavirus response, particularly as it relates to small businesses.
Many small business owners in the state have lost their livelihoods while big-box stores have been allowed to remain open, he said. 
Newsom “put corporate interests before the people of California,” Economy said.

‘This is a partial story about recalling California gov. Newsom, this should also be a process to start the recall of Pritzker

Fed up neighbor
7 days ago

1 million signatures have been obtained so far they need 500,000 more by mid March it is expected to be accomplished by the end of January. This needs to happen in Illinois. Pritzker needs to go and go now i hope you or someone you know reads this and informs you of how really really bad that you are a horrible politician.

Last edited 7 days ago by Fed up neighbor