“What’s the impact on the economy and the people in the economy? There may be up to 2 million Illinoisans unemployed. If the economy stays closed for too long, we can have more opioid deaths, more suicides, more mental health issues, more domestic violence, much more poverty…all these need to be weighed against the risks of the virus.”

Click here to visit Wirepoints’ COVID-19 page and learn more about the impact the virus is having on Illinois.

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Poor Taxpayer
7 months ago

As long as Teachers get paid for not working. It is called shared burden.
The virus is not the fault of the teachers. It is the fault of the honest hard working taxpayer.
They are enjoying their luxury homes in Florida, so keep working and paying higher and higher taxes.

7 months ago
Reply to  Poor Taxpayer

The irony is that teachers always cry poverty because they live way beyond their means. There’s always a check coming next month, and a constitutionally guaranteed pension in the future, so there’s virtually no reason to save. I personally know these teachers. They all live like this. The proof is looking at the cars in the parking lot at any school. In all but the wealthiest of towns, the teachers drive nicer cars than the parents dropping off their students. I spoke with one teacher on a group chat yesterday and we were happy with our free Trump Check. The… Read more »

7 months ago

Don’t forget ALL pension payments and healthcare costs are still being made to retirees (plus 3% compounding) and current state and school employees. Total pension pickup for teachers here in Rockford and most school districts around the state are still honored. According to an article in the RR Star a few years back the school district pays approx $21K in healthcare premiums for paraprofessionals who make at that time between $10-15/hour and monthly premiums were around $60 for them. Teachers get similar deals depending on family size. Shared Sacrifice? Yeah Right!!

Transparent Illinois
7 months ago

While most States saved away for a rainy day during the best decade in economic history, Illinois didn’t. The unemployment fund has 11 weeks of money based on unemployment claims as of April 4th. Since the Illinois Unemployment fund is underfunded, Illinois will have to borrow that money from the Federal Government with interest, if Illinois was properly funded it would be a 0% interest loan. This loan has to be paid back in a timely manner, if it isn’t guess who pays with higher unemployment insurance costs? The employers of Illinois, many of them small businesses already tired of… Read more »

Ultimate Gift
7 months ago

I saw Jelly Belly on tv last night and he was say’n that it was the federal governments fault that people can’t file for unemployment on the state website because he say that the federal government make these rules and he can’t just transfer people from other departments that can’t work right now. Kind seems like a lame excuse to me as a month seems plenty of time to start training people to do another job.

Joe Blow
7 months ago
Reply to  Ultimate Gift

reminds me of that Simpsons episode where Homer runs for Sanitation commissioner his line was “Can’t someone else do it?”

7 months ago
Reply to  Joe Blow

That’s fantastic.

Aly Lecompte
7 months ago
Reply to  Ultimate Gift

All he’s done is get on TV and remind us how we still have a long way to go (compared to Newsom or Cuomo who at least provide some sort of a resemblance of getting a reopening plan together). He then proceeds to blame the federal government when in fact, the US Dept of Labor warned Illinois back in early February that they’d not be able to manage their existing unemployment claims for much longer. I love how he just continues to say the US Dept of Labor has all of these changing regulations….it’s just not true. You’d think after… Read more »

7 months ago
Reply to  Aly Lecompte

That’s been his MO ever since he rolled out those idiotic campaign ads. He rode Orange Man bad all the way to the governor’s office. And since he has no original ideas, he’ll continue beating that dead horse for the rest of his gubernatorial career.

steve t.
7 months ago

And the Jabba the Hut (JB) shut the entire state down with essentially zero rainy day funds…and zero unemployment funds. IL has to ask the feds for help and loans. And then on top of that, the unemployment system can not handle the huge increase of unemployment applications. Only IL would this string of events happen. Thanks JB, for nothing ! And do NOT trust him on the UNFAIR tax increase, it is a trojan horse for even more tax increases on ALL illinois citizens !