By: Mark Glennon*

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot on Thursday defended the city’s ban on protests near her home and the huge police deployments needed for that. She said this:

I have a right to make sure my home is secure.

That words so simple, so innocuous and so true could raise as many core issues as they do says so much that’s extraordinary about the circumstances we are in. Those issues go far beyond Lightfoot and Chicago.

Lightfoot on Thursday.

Ironically, Lightfoot began her answer by saying, “This is a different time like no other,” She repeated that.

Indeed they are, but for far different reasons than she explained. It’s not the inordinate number of threats she gets, deplorable as they are, which was her explanation.

In no other time would the most obvious and immediate response be necessary, which we’ve seen in comments here and in social media, mostly to the effect of  “What about us? We all have a right to be secure in our homes.”

Nothing in the social contract between people and their government is more fundamental than government’s duty to provide safety and security. But in Chicago and many cities across the country, millions of Americans have trembled in their homes and watched their workplaces looted or destroyed while unwilling or incapable government looked aside.

Special security for public officials makes sense because their circumstances have put them at particularly high risks that we should not ask them to face. But haven’t millions of Americans been also now been thrust into circumstances more dangerous than anybody in a civil society should be asked to face?

That, for starters, makes our times so different.

Protest at Pittsburgh mayor’s home. Source: KDKA

That’s what makes Lightfoot’s answer so incomplete.

The mobs’ tactic of targeting homes of those they don’t like is now common. Politicians, police officials, corporate executives and journalists now often have their homes threatened. Pittsburgh’s mayor and the U.S. Postmaster’s homes were among the past week’s targets.

Who is to blame for that?

Protest at U.S. Postmaster’s hoe. Source: WUSA

Homes should be completely off-limits, even for peaceful protests. Blame the protesters themselves, first, for violating that rule. They may or may not be within their First Amendment rights. That shouldn’t matter. It’s just wrong, and there are plenty of other places to protest.

But blame the public figures, too, who have stood silent on the new normal. Why hasn’t that trend been denounced universally? Lightfoot is among many politicians who should be forced to answer. In fact, the general question of allowing protests that target homes was in the question put to Lightfoot on Thursday, but she ignored it.

And then there are guns.

Lightfoot routinely blames Chicago’s violence on weak federal gun control laws, but her comments about the home actually are as strong an endorsement the Second Amendment as you can find. Lightfoot, again, is hardly alone on that. Countless officeholders across the nation who have stood silent about today’s violence are the most vocal opponents of firearms and mocked that St. Louis couple who waived guns at trespassers who threatened their home.

Some criticism of Lightfoot should be directed at her in particular. The police force needed to protect her home has indeed been huge – as many as 140 officers on some evenings – who could be focused instead on the city’s violence. Why shouldn’t she move to one of the many high-rises near City Hall that could be protected at far less cost? One could be protected easily with as few as 20 cops, says Chicago’s Fraternal Order of Police president.

Lightfoot, like so many politicians, could long ago have helped undermine the mob’s confidence and credibility but chose too often to stand down. What happened after she removed the Grant Park Columbus statue which the target of what video clear shows was a pre-planned attack? They used exactly the same tactic, again captured on video, in Sunday’s melee downtown.

Lightfoot should name enablers’ names. She has criticized lax prosecutions but refused to call out, by name, the primary culprit in Chicago — Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx – who Lightfoot endorsed for that office. Black Lives Matter Chicago openly defends looting as reparations, yet their name has never crossed Lightfoot’s lips. And heaven forbid that she would challenge her own Democratic party for its complete disregard of city violence. In the major, prime time speeches during its convention, not a word was said about it.

Lightfoot, in her Thursday comments, did go on to say everybody has a right to be safe in their homes. That certainly includes her own home, and threats to her or anybody else are unforgivable.

But what makes “this a time like no other” isn’t those threats. It’s violence as a form of protest in general, and our government’s indifference to it. Until she and every other politician address that, their defense of their own homes will be incomplete.

*Mark Glennon is founder of Wirepoints.

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4 months ago

It is her version of a WALL.

Jorge Sanchez
4 months ago

The US citizenship test contains a question: “What is the rule of law”. The possible correct answers are: “no one is above the law”, “leaders must obey the law”, “the government must obey the law”

It doesn’t help the opinion people have of the police when they are willing to go guard her house and willing arrest people violating her lockdown orders, but are unwilling to go into the city and protect those unarmed civilians who cannot protect themselves and unwilling to arrest her for violating her lockdown orders.

Paul RIfenberg
4 months ago

The Mayor, as she did with her own hair stylist when everyone else could not access such services, thinks she is above the common citizen, and deserves special treatment. She wants to be secure in her home so she surrounds herself with armed security, but speaks out against common citizens arming themselves against the same threats. It’s called systemic hypocrisy.

4 months ago
Reply to  Paul RIfenberg

Crazy Pelosi just was exposed doing the same thing. Closed shop, one customer, no masks. I’m important was her response.

4 months ago

People in government should be concerned for the safety of their citizens. They are not more important than the citizens. But Lightfoot and Foxx and Pritzker all put themselves above Illinois citizens and others. They work for the citizens it is not the other way around. Just as she should be safe so should the person around the corner and down the street and in the next town. She only sees it as Me Me Me– she is the only one that should have protection and her hair cut.

Poor Taxpayer
4 months ago

You can KISS MY Rear end. No one is more important than anyone else. You should not be treated any different than the poor honest hard working taxpayer and their families.
Eat my shorts, you no good piece of Schitt.

4 months ago

Welcome to Chicago, where we are a living example of Animal Farm. Some animals are more equal than others.

Tom Paine's Ghost
4 months ago

Spot on.

Governor of Alderaan
4 months ago

I think Groot just got President Trump re-elected

4 months ago

Lori Lightfoot: proof positive that a Doctorate of Jurisprudence from the University of Chicago isn’t confirmation of a well developed intellect. But, at least I don’t have an extra tax on my Diet~Coke. Which is nice…

4 months ago

Let’s be honest, if Lightfoot endorsed anyone but Foxx, she would’ve been been labeled an Auntie Tom. An endorsement of Foxx is more an act of affirmative action compliance than a statement on her ability to perform the job.

Last edited 4 months ago by nixit
4 months ago
Reply to  nixit

Lori Lightfoot is trying to build her machine. She only controls several alderpeople. 😐

The real machine is Toni Preckwinkle, who controls Kim Foxx, Tim Evans and Tom Dart. 😐

Platinum Goose
4 months ago
Reply to  Eddie

That’s right, haven’t heard a peep out of Preckwinkle. Of course the useless Chicago media would never think to ask Preckwinkle for a comment.

4 months ago
Reply to  Platinum Goose

Preckwinkle would have done no different than lightfool, maybe cracked down harder against Businesses, whites and Police.

Richard Brroberg
4 months ago

Rush calls her Mayor Lightweight.

4 months ago

Lightfoot is in way over her head. She knows it, the Antifa terrorists know it, BLM terrorists know it, and the citizens of Chicago know it.  The CPD will continue to be bastardized by her administration. Lightfoot, the mayor of Chicago, holds the life of Chicago in her hands.  But nothing will be done to stop the violence and destruction. Her lack of leadership and kowtowing to these terrorist groups makes her one of them makes her one of the leaders.  

4 months ago

There is no such thing as peaceful protest during the night. When the officials in charge failed to makes this clear and prevent it from happening night after night they have failed to do their jobs. They must be charged, removed from office. This has not happened to a single official in the entire USA, which could be considered a muted approval of rioting and violence. Only a constitutional militia could instantly remove these officials and restore order, and leave these officials with the only choice to plead guilty and receive sentencing. Nothing else seems to be preventing these officials… Read more »

4 months ago

Sadly, I agree.

4 months ago

By definition, Lori is a “Karen” (‘Karen’: the irksome, entitled woman, who goes about her day with privilege unchecked).

Eugene on a pay phone
4 months ago

Fortunately, people can still vote with their feet!

4 months ago

Not everyone can leave.

Mick the Tick
4 months ago
Reply to  TerraFirma

Unless you are in jail, yes you can.

4 months ago

For those of us who do not have the CPD at their beckon command, we still have the 2nd Amendment and our CCW as long as Trump is president. Lightfoot would take that away from us and put our families safety at the mercy of the Leftist mob.

4 months ago

Who is not secure?

“Woman mugged outside Water Tower pumping station Thursday evening.”

“The woman, age 59, told police she was walking on the corner of Michigan Avenue and Pearson Street when a group of three offenders robbed her of her wallet and Louis Vuitton purse around 8:40 p.m., a police spokesperson said.”

“One of the robbers was described as being a Black female with long blonde hair and black square-shaped glasses.”

That would be Thursday August 20, 2020.

Old Spartan
4 months ago

Excellent insight, Wirepoints. It does get tiring pointing out what a hypocrite she is. She protects her home with dozens of officers — and ARMED officers — on top of that Won’t criticize BLM and violence. Keeps calling for more gun control with armed guards surrounding her own home. It never ends.

4 months ago
Reply to  Old Spartan

This is what communists always do.

4 months ago

Security for me but not for thee…shut up and pay your taxes ! Lori