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Great job ted for the 5 second you were on, but whats most frightening is a 5 miniute piece on cost of ctu contract is the best network news can do is completely pathetic. And astoundingly sure most of the public who never read anything are clueless

michael marek

good job ted…you chronicling the path towards bankruptcy… if they only would listen you could also guide them to possible solutions

mike Williams

Sure, because liberals are always open minded and listen to reason.

S and P 500

I think that there’s going to be a lot of shared pain to pay for the contract. It’s a problem for teachers, too. The contract doesn’t provide a penny for new computers or books or fixing buildings. They have to teach in crumbling buildings with asbestos and other substances hazardous to your health. Maybe they’re okay with that. The spec. ed. teachers said they were thrown under the bus. Mr. Dabrowski is right when he said it’s hard to tell who won.


Hard to tell who won? I think it is easy to tell the children lost yet again. This school system needs to be burned down and dozed over and rebuilt from the foundation up. A 70% drop out rate in some districts. This is a failed system. The unions are in part to blame and CPS is definitely to blame. From ignoring sexual misconduct to having 0 standards for teachers to adhere to when it comes to the quality of what and how they teach.

M. T. Cicero

So far, for the teachers, nothing succeeds like failure. Five years to achieve a state bailout; One year to a potential Federal government bailout. Next mission, eliminate the electoral college and further dismantle federalism. (National teachers strike until U.S. Constitution is amended.) How far can social-security-for-all kick the can by printing money? Wealth tax, naturally. Federalize the train wreck then socialize everything. O tempora! O mores!

S and P 500

The state can’t bail out CPS because it has around $50 billion assets and $250B debts and unfunded pensions. There will be no Fed bailout not only because of Trump but I think it says somewhere in the Constitution that the Feds aren’t responsible for state’s debts.

M. T. Cicero

My post was referring only to pension plans. Illinois would just take over the Chicago plans thereby spreading the liability to all state taxpayers rather than just Chicago taxpayers. There is no oversight agency that would prevent the State from doing something this stupid. Similarly on a federal bailout if someone like Eliz. Warren gets elected with Dem majorities in the House and Senate. Social Security is already way underfunded plus all employer and employee contributions are “invested” in U.S. government bonds. That is, the government borrows the money and spends it. There never has been a “lock box.” Likewise,… Read more »

Hank Scorpio

I have an idea. How about only the kids who were taught under these teachers pay for these increases when they graduate and enter the workforce — a form of indentured servitude.