Ted was on Chicago Tonight this week debating the merits of the Trump Administration’s new work requirement rules for food stamps.

He argued that Illinois has lagged far behind the rest of the country in getting people off of food stamps (see chart below) and that the new rules provide a good opportunity to get able-bodied Illinoisans back into the workplace.

“This is about as good as it gets when it comes to the economy and unemployment, this is the moment to get people into the workforce and off food stamps. Because if not now, when?”

In fact, Illinois lags far behind its neighbors in getting people off food stamps. Illinois has 17 percent more people on food stamps today when compared to the Great Recession. In contrast, enrollment in neighboring states have declined – dramatically in Missouri, Indiana and Kentucky.



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Poor Taxpayer
10 months ago

The best day of your life is the day you move out of Illinois.
Illinois is a goner, DOA, there is NO HOPE.
The GREED of the government worker has destroyed the quality of life for all the honest hard working taxpayers in Illinois. Move and take the fruits of your labor with you. Much better life in almost any state you pick to move to. Illinois has HIGH TAXES, BAD SERVICES AND WORSE WEATHER. Why stay and pay, pay and pay and get nothing for it. Enjoy the fun and sun and lots of low taxes.

10 months ago

Once again Illinois is worse than it’s neighbor states. Nationwide, we have the best economy in memory, and most states are doing well. Not Illinois. I guess Illinois is the mentally ill state that needs the rest of the country to support it because it can’t take care of itself. Near the end of the segment, the moderator asked a stupid question regarding corporations avoiding taxes which has nothing to do with food stamps. Ted handled it well basically saying that’s another subject. I would have said, “What the hell does that have to do with food stamps? Why the… Read more »