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16 days ago

Four years ago I told a SF resident I felt less safe in their city than I did in Chicago despite Chicago’s horrific murder count. The reason being you could sense the chaos building in SF as the city lost respect for itself. Panhandling, vagrancy, open drug use, public indecency were everywhere. As a law abiding citizen, you become a target simply by walking around. The justice system doesn’t favor the white oppressor. If I had to defend myself in a situation, who knows how it might be exploited by the political class to advance their social justice con. At… Read more »

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16 days ago
Reply to  chumpchange

Well said. I’ve heard the term “clown world” thrown about a lot lately, and sadly that’s about the best description of the 21st century so far. Everything has been subverted, inverted, and turned around. This is what it looks like when the bad guys win.

16 days ago
Reply to  chumpchange

Nicely put. Beware the longer game out of City Hall, one in which CPD is de-funded by shifting monies away from policing and into City programs. These will end up feeding the gangs, one way or another.

15 days ago

Yes, social workers will discourage the 20 year old gang bangers from the thug lifestyle.

16 days ago

The President should say nothing more about this subject.

Clearly the BLM’s, Mayor and Governor have everything completely under control here.

So the rest of Illinois’ idiot residents should just shut up, turn up the volume and then:

Burn baby burn, burn baby burn…

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