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12 days ago

I don’t seem to remember any such concerns being expressed by the Sun-Times or any other major media outlet when it was the current President of the United States whose life was being threatened. However these type of things happen to a lot of elected officials and most have the “intestinal fortitude” to weather these little storms. Would anybody here think less of J. Beluga Pritzker, “Governor of All of Illinois” if he resigned in order to save himself? I certainly wouldn’t. Now back to the “intestinal fortitude” part of this equation: J. Beluga’s real problem here is toilet paper.… Read more »

13 days ago

The only thing threatening Pigster is a knife, fork and spoon.

Kenneth Zimmerman
13 days ago

The easiest way to get Porky Pricktker down is to let him loose at an all you can eat buffet. We’ll be stuck with having to wear masks for a while. Remember he owns a couple of warehouses. Guess what they’re for? Masks and the medical equipment, then there’s that warehouse that has all the printed materials doctors and medical staff use to document this Corney-19 thingie. Then there are those that key in the medical data, another company Porky P owns. So the longer this Corney-19 thingie can go the more Porky makes. As if that’s not enough, how… Read more »