Ted Dabrowski was on WTAD earlier this week discussing Wirepoints’ new initiative: calling on all Illinois legislative candidates to refuse a lawmaker pension if they are elected.

Interview begins at 9:50


Read more about Wirepoints’ pledge here: To all legislative candidates: Show leadership by refusing a legislative pension

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1 year ago

Absolutely right. Why stop at legislators? Pensioned judges are just as corrupt which is why the 2013 reforms failed.

In a similar vein, we’ll never see effective 401K and health care reforms until federal politicians and judges lose their Cadillac programs and are exposed to reality like the rest of us.

danni smith
1 year ago

the reform will come with the collapse. Give 1% like Indiana, and bring on the collapse, tout suite, or wait till they drain you of everything you have and it will collapse anyway and you will have nothing and they will still take away your house. Doesn’t seem like a big decision to take charge of the gubment that we are supposed to be and are entitled to be, in charge.

1 year ago

I saw a list of current House members who have opted out of the pension. How many candidates have also pledged not to enroll if elected? My point being, after November, will we have a majority of members willing to abolish legislative pensions? Be sure to count me in that group.