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6 days ago

From the other article: “Preckwinkle, Rubin and some board members also argued providing the data to dispatchers could impact minority communities who have had negative encounters with law enforcement and could feel targeted if their addresses are known. The measure also received written opposition from the ACLU of Illinois and Equality Illinois. “I don’t see, as anyone who understands racism in this country … that this resolution is somehow going to be immune from that endemic racism,” Preckwinkle said.” Yes, not privacy. But Racism. It’s racist to release the names of coronavirus patients to first responders to protect themselves. Pure,… Read more »

6 days ago

Violation of HIPPA laws

6 days ago
Reply to  anonymous

Not about HIPAA, but about endemic and systemic racism, per the other article. Can’t release names of coronavirus patients because of social justice. I’m not making this up.