Ted was on with Amy Jacobson and Paul Vallas talking about the collapse in the state’s COVID-19 case fatality rates. The news is good for kids and teachers who want to go back to school. Since August, the case fatality rate for people under 20 has been just .006%. For people ages 20 to 50, the fatality rate is .06%.

Illinois’ COVID crisis is still centered in retirement homes. Over 40% of all deaths between September and November were linked to Long-Term Care facilities.

Read more about COVID in Illinois here:

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Eileen Mitchell
10 days ago

Why are deaths in these facilities automatically linked to covid19

8 days ago

The political science dictates it

Wendy stang
13 days ago

Wonder how many in nursing homes or assisted living really did of Corona virus? How many had other major illness? Also how many have died of depression not being able to see their loved ones. Where I live I have a friend that hasn’t seen his mother since March

Suzanne Dale Rosenorn
13 days ago
Reply to  Wendy stang

So true. They have been counting
EVERY death as Corona. They are all making hand over fist blood money lying. The globalists want all old people gone. They consider them useless eaters.

13 days ago

Since the people cannot work and support themselves, then how about the Politicians and the Governor quit taking a paycheck and live off of unemployment? I am tired of politicians sitting around beating their chests and doing nothing, all the while they collect a paycheck. This COVID is a scam and nothing worse that the flu. It has a 90 percent recovery rate and there are now vaccines that have a 90 percent cure rate. Hell how does anyone know the testing is not flawed, and how much is Pritzker making off these tests and equipment used. I been told… Read more »

13 days ago
Reply to  Brian

Their checks they get already do represent unemployment checks…they didn’t tell you?

Suzanne Dale Rosenorn
13 days ago
Reply to  Brian

The Constitution did NOT want public officials to get paid. It was considered a honor to sit in public office. Nor were any attorneys to become a politician as they would use loopholes in the law to their own personal advantage.

Fed up neighbor
13 days ago

Now now only the union masters will decide when this state can re-open! and schools correct Pritzker.

Last edited 13 days ago by Fed up neighbor
14 days ago

There are some rumors that here in Rockford elective surgeries may be postponed because of higher positivity rates for Covid.
I just heard the tail end of JB’s briefing today and if positivity rates continue to increase and local politicians keep defying state recommendations he may have no choice but to make stay at home orders mandatory in the near future. Not sure if it would be the entire state or just regions. He mentioned something about parts of Iowa and Wisconsin having a 50-60% positivity rates.
Anyone know more info?

Thee Jabroni
13 days ago
Reply to  Freddy

Governor lump lump doesnt have the authority to issue any more “executive orders”-he can issue one 30 day executive order which he’s already done,there fore,ordering another lockdown is not a law and the cops cannot enforce something that isnt a “law”-come on people,stand up for your rights!

14 days ago

A related statistic to look at is the hospitalization rates. The pandemic can put a strain on the healthcare system which then forces hospitals to delay normal/non-covid related surgeries and causes them to lose staff which then reduces the numbers of patients that can be tended to. Hopefully the hospitals in southern and central Illinois can accomodate the influx of patients that are being admitted.