Ted joined Brian Costin of Americans For Prosperity Illinois to talk about the impact of Illinois’ grossly unbalanced 2021 budget. The bottom line is this:

This is by far the most irresponsible budget ever passed by an Illinois legislature. It’s no wonder that the words bankruptcy and Illinois increasingly go hand-in-hand.

Lawmakers have run up a deficit of over $6 billion and they’re counting on the federal government to bail out the state. It spends a record amount of money in the middle of one of the worst recessions ever. It offers no cuts or reforms to provide relief to struggling taxpayers.

Instead, it relies on an income tax hike that will burden business and residents while they try to recover from the government-imposed shutdown.

Click here to watch

Read more about COVID-19 and the impact on Illinois:

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4 months ago

I already figured it out a long time ago that I am not a priority. I am just an ordinary Illinoisan.

Poor Taxpayer
4 months ago

Raise taxes on the honest Hard working poor taxpayers.
As long as cops, teachers, and firemen can retire at age 45 and live in luxury homes in Florida, everything is okay.
Think you are being screwed?
Its because you are.
Illinois “Land of Slavery”

4 months ago

Can a pdf of the slides be made available as a download?
Nice event.

Bob Out of Here
4 months ago
Reply to  Mike

Agreed, the problem I had was every time I hit pause to view the slides in detail there was a popup of “related videos” or something that obscured the slides.

4 months ago

Hit your print screen button then paste it into Paint.