Ted was on the Illinois Channel last week speaking to Jeff Berkowitz about the impact of the coronavirus and the toll it’s taking on the economy, government and people.

Some highlights from their discussion:

“At what point will people start asking ‘is the human and economic toll of shutting down America, how does that compare to the potential human toll of the virus – and that’s where the cost-benefit analysis needs to occur.”

“This is not an Illinois or Chicago-specific crisis, but now we’re wrapped in it. And everything we were worried about…all of us who want to see reforms, its come true. The crisis, the recession, the crunch. And what it spells is massive trouble for Illinois relative to other states”

“With this crisis, Illinois and Chicago are broke. We’ve said that for a long time, but we can officially say it now.”

Read more about the coronavirus crisis and its impact on Illinois:

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4 months ago

$ dollars > Humanity?

4 months ago
Reply to  Zozimus

Depressions kill millions.

4 months ago
Reply to  Zozimus

Zozimus, the St. Louis Fed’s Bullard warns that unemployment will rise to 30% in 2nd quarter. Of a 165 million work force, that means nearly 49 million unemployed. If he’s right, that will be catastrophic in so many ways. That’s humanity, too. We need to really understand what the human toll will be if we get it wrong on the economic end. It warrants a healthy discussion, doesn’t it? https://markets.businessinsider.com/news/stocks/unemployment-surge-to-30-percent-q2-gdp-50-percent-james-bullard-2020-3-1029022288

4 months ago

Broke as can be,They will still vote dem.

4 months ago
Reply to  don

Because only Democrats can ‘fix’ the crisis they alone caused by shutting down the entire state economy.

Dr. FeelGood
4 months ago
Reply to  debtsor

This is exactly the point. I keep wondering if it’s truly personality, and the collective (marxist) personality types have been emboldened but this part of the cycle they cause the demise, due to lack of fertility, emotional policies (ineffective), and lack of industriousness replaced by wasteful redistribution. Dems vote 2-1 in favor of not using critical thinking, but rather believing in central authorities they also, like us, constantly complain about. Think of how pathetic that is! LOL While the issue is complex, one thing that isn’t complex is that this virus is barely more lethal than common influenza, and what’s… Read more »