WCIA Champaign used Wirepoints’ report to tell its story on Macon County’s loss of people.

93 counties in Illinois lost population between 2010 to 2018. Macon County suffered the 4th worst loss – over 6,000 people.

The TV station asked several residents why they thought people were leaving. “The biggest reason is taxes,” said many.

See Wirepoints’ original report: 93 of Illinois’ 102 counties have lost population since 2010

Read more about Illinois’ population and out-migration crisis:

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WCIA is located in Champaign.

Poor Taxpayer

Put U-Haul on Speed Dial. The only answer is to MOVE out of State. Sorry but Greed has ruined Illinois for everyone. Things are going to get MUCH,MUCH worse. Today is the good times. It is like a cancer and will kill you.

Poor Taxpayer

Best day of your life is the day you flee Illinois forever. Do not look back, never go back. Life is real good without Illinois. The Greed of the cops, firemen and teachers have destroyed the quality of life for an honest hard working taxpayer. Your family deserves much better. Start a new life and enjoy Freedom.
South Florida 77 and Sunny Jan 18, 2020. Who needs cold and snow and HIGH TAXES.


We left aug 2018.To a wonderfull southern state.No state income tax.All that money saved, It pays for 3 months traveling in the summer,instead of giving to illinois crooks!

Mike Williams

Well done. Isn’t freedom great?