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Illinois’ 2020 budget is an unbalanced mess. Downstate households are on the hook for $75,000 each in retirement debts. And Illinoisans are now paying the nation’s 3rd-highest gas taxes to fund an unvetted, politically-motivated, pork-filled capital bill.

What does all that mean to ordinary Illinoisans, and what can they do about it? Listen to Wirepoints President Ted Dabrowski speak on July 31st at Americans For Prosperity in Rolling Meadows to hear the answer.

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Unbalancing Act: IL’s Busted Budget

Wednesday, July 31, 2019
6:30 PM – 8:30 PM
Rolling Meadows Field Office
1843 Hicks Road, Suite B

Learn more before you come hear Ted:

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Remind me not to eat dinner first…sigh.


If I was still living in Illinois, I would have made the effort to attend. Hopefully, regular readers of Wirepoint will bring guests (Illinois family/friends) that are skeptical about the bad news that us regulars pass along, and wake up when they hear it directly from Ted.

Suggestion for Ted: Start off by asking a few members of the audience where they live and then respond by telling them how much debt they own.

michael marek

tks for speaking out on the budget sham

s and p 500

I saw this article about the Detroit bankruptcy, 5 years later. Interesting read.

Mike M

That was a very interesting read.