Ted was on the Chicago Way last week with John Kass discussing what the state’s $40 billion budget and $45 billion capital bill mean for ordinary Illinoisans. Hint: It’s about to get a lot more expensive to live, and especially drive, here. Gas tax hikes, parking taxes, cigarette taxes, higher vehicle registration fees and more…all to fund an unbalanced budget and millions of dollars in politicians’ pork projects.

Listen here:

The Chicago Way, Ep. 193: Gov. Pritzker’s ‘sham’ budget, how the ILGA are hand-in-hand going after the middle class, and an ode to anywhere but here


And read more about Illinois’ budget and the capital bill:

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11 months ago

Not to worry. Fat Boy will promise property tax relief in exchange for support fir his (Un)Fair Tax proposal.

Pam Sullivan
11 months ago

Apparently bound and determined to run taxpayers out of Illinois. We’re reaching the point we can’t afford to live here anymore and still eventually retire. Hoped to be here close for my parents, but those hopes fade with each new tax increase.

11 months ago
Reply to  Pam Sullivan

Then join the exodus to Indiana and cut your tax bill by 50%

james arrasmith
11 months ago
Reply to  Indy

I am blessed richly.retired,When i would see the dems were going to get the FULL POWER after the nov election.We saiid Why stay when they are turning citizens in to mindless money givers to the state.You are not cheating me out of my gun rights and stealing every dime they can from us.This is all the tip of what they really want..Death to the unborn,no guns so there will be no resistaance when the bottom tax rate is 60% and all there thugs on the streets of chicago will be safe from all the tax payers who just want to… Read more »