Ted was on WJPF radio this week talking to Tom Miller about Illinois’ constant loss of people and their incomes. IRS data show Illinois lost more than 88,000 tax filers and their dependents – along with $5.6 billion in taxable income – in 2018.

Some highlights from the interview:

“We’ve continued that scary trend of people leaving the state far faster than people coming in. We’re the third biggest loser of net people to other states in 2018.”

“The people who are productive are leaving Illinois and going to places like Florida or Texas or Indiana…and the people who do come in are making a lot less than the people who have been leaving.”

“We actually sent more people to Indiana than we did to Florida, that’s something people don’t get…we aren’t just losing people due to cold weather.”

“People move to states where there is opportunity, jobs, growth potential, affordable housing. People don’t mind taxes – but they don’t want them to be crazy, either…and when you look at all of the above, people aren’t choosing Illinois, they’re leaving Illinois.”

“We’ve shrunk six years in a row. That’s the sign of a weak state and bad policies. And you’d think that would get the attention of people like Gov. Pritzker and the statehouse to do things that make us more competitive, but all their policies so far are the other way around.”

Read more about Illinois’ population and out-migration crisis:

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1 year ago

fcuk Illinois government, end to end. Declare insolvency and start over. Dissolve the pensions and kick the freeloaders out.

Wise Willy
1 year ago

I give the state 3 more years before everyone including teacher union thugs realize that you cant live off of other people’s money forever.

1 year ago
Reply to  Wise Willy

That must be our best scenario. The leaders of public unions like Sharke and Lynch are self-described Chicago socialists.

Poor Taxpayer
1 year ago

The Day you move is going to be the best day of your life.
Florida has a much better quality of life.
Illinois is DOA, there is little to no hope for it.
The Greed of the cops, firemen and teachers knows no end.
Things are going to get much, much, worse very soon.
Run for your economic life.

Diana Rogers
1 year ago

If I could afford to up and move, I WOULD!!!

Poor Taxpayer
1 year ago
Reply to  Diana Rogers

You can not afford not to move.

1 year ago

And of course move to states with great medicaid, government paid for transgender reassignment and of course the usual welfare parasites.

joe blow
1 year ago

I don’t mind taxes if I am getting good services for them, but in Illinois since almost 50% of our taxes go to pay for people to not work and their healthcare, the existing current services suffer greatly. Thats why the police, schools, transportation, everything is in very bad shape compared to its peers

1 year ago

Is it starting to be embarassing to live in Illinois….like it reflects on your intelligence? For example, if you met two strangers, one from Wisconsin and one from Illinois, would you assume the Wisconsin resident was smarter?

Robert Fair
1 year ago
Reply to  DantheMan

Very embarassing and very frustrating to live in Illinois. The worst is yet to come. Tax bills will be out in May. Progressive tax vote in November. It seems like a big ha ha joke by democrats to PUNISH those in Illinois for what, I dont know. Democrats over the last 40 years have just ruined this state. I just get the feeling they want a total collapse of the state. Just like Democratic candidates for president want a government controlled country with Medicare for all socialism and higher taxes. The Bible talks all about this as a sign of… Read more »

Poor Taxpayer
1 year ago
Reply to  DantheMan

You are spot on right. Living in Illinois means you are mentally challenged.
Smoking is a better choice than living in Illinois.