Remember in July when Illinois’ COVID-19 numbers were looking great? Hospitalizations, deaths and case numbers had all plummeted.

Pritzker testifying before U.S. House Homeland Security Committee in July

So, that month, Gov. JB Pritzker went before the United States House Homeland Security Committee to explain why: The federal government wasn’t leading but he was — that was his central message.

It was his mask mandate that made the difference, he said. “We instituted [his mandate to wear masks] in Illinois on May 1st, one of the first in the nation, and it aligns with our most significant downward shifts in our infection rate,” according to his testimony.

That was then and this is now.

Illinois like most of the nation is seeing a serious surge in Coronavirus. Why? Trump, according to Pritzker. He went on CNN Sunday to tell the nation that it’s because Trump is “modeling bad behavior. He doesn’t wear a mask in public. He has rallies where they don’t encourage people to wear masks in public.” Pritzker also blamed unnamed “Trump allies in our state” who, he said, are “urging people” to not pay attention to social distancing and other rules.

Come on now. Trump has always been pretty disdainful of masks and distancing, and so has a substantial part of the population. Has that really changed in a way that explains the recent surge?

And, by the way, Pritzker’s original claim that his mask mandate accounted for the improvement we had over the summer is demonstrably false. The numbers just don’t line up. Infections turned down well before his mask order went into effect on May 1. We laid it out in detail in July and June.

I for one haven’t formed an opinion about what is causing the new surge, but I know who I won’t trust for guidance.

-Mark Glennon

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1 month ago

Summer is over with but the Dems go with the Flip flops.

1 month ago

Governor Flintstone is a disgrace.

Joe Blow
1 month ago

one day these dumbass politicians will come to the realization that not even their narcissistic selves can stop a virus from spreading no matter how many stupid ass steps you take

Mike Wolz
1 month ago

Gov. Pritzker is just like any other “Tax & Spend” Illinois Democratic politician. His ambitions run right to the White House, hence the attempt to get national recognition. No one spends $171MM of their own money to become the governor of Illinois. But he does not have the concerns he claims to share with “The People of Illinois.” In an article in the Sunday (10/18/2020) edition of the CHICAGO TRIBUNE, it was reported that the offshore trust fund that supports him paid in excess of $11MM in Illinois State Income Taxes and $33MM in Federal Income Taxes. He’s lucky his… Read more »

Ex Illini
1 month ago

The sad fact is JB is absolutely terrified of getting Covid, and for obvious reasons. The man is so obese he broke his own leg simply by standing up. His family travels freely in first class, but you better not bring that up or Dear Leader JB will stare daggers through your heart. The state failed unemployed workers terribly, yet he shrugs off responsibility and blames Washington. He is awful on every level.

Governor of Alderaan
1 month ago

This fat slob recently had to quarantine himself again because he again failed to keep his staff safe. It’s clear that the Dictator is suffering from severe psychosis induced by his isolation. Even scarier and more dangerous is that the Dictator is still barking out orders without any checks or balances on his unlimited power. He should be banned from issuing new diktats until he can prove his psychiatric issues have resolved

1 month ago

I can not stop laughing.
Illinois is the laughing stock of the country.
Jag Boy does not have any common sense.

1 month ago

Many North Shore Leftists with inherited wealth think Pritzker is a political genius.

Illinois Entrepreneur
1 month ago

Can we have just one politician that has a statesman-like demeanor? One that actually is reasonable, forthright and somewhat honest? One that actually focuses on the task at hand, rather than name-calling, blaming and posturing?

I realize that the left has taken Trump’s style and adapted it as their own, but it’s unseemly coming out of the mouths of Illinois Democrats.

I listen/read this guy’s yammering, and I have come to the conclusion that money does not equal class.

Ned Ledbedder
1 month ago

“I realize that the left has taken Trump’s style and adapted it as their own”.

I don’t believe this to be true. I believe that it is the exact opposite. Trump is playing by the rules that were already established by Leftists.

1 month ago

Orange Man Baaaaad ! J.B. is just another sheep.

Bob Out of Here
1 month ago

Always take the credit, always pass the blame. Surprised he’s not blaming Rauner too. Problem is the media fawns over Jumbo Belly and never checks to see if what he’s saying is true.

1 month ago

The media is told what is “true”

1 month ago
Reply to  Aaron

What passes for most journalism today consists of simply re-writing and editing government and corporate press releases. I see very little logical and critical questioning of official narratives.

Bob Out of Here
1 month ago
Reply to  Benicia

I see no real difference between what is termed a journalist nowadays and my friends parrot, except you can cover the parrots cage with a blanket and it will shut up. It repeats what it hears just as they do. And it confirms facts are true about as much as they do

1 month ago

If you have never had the chance to listen to one of JibberBlubber’s press conference, you must…

The investigative reporters in Chicago are barely fit for consumer complaints… I have never heard one of our illustrious, hard-nosed, street-smart reporters challenge his wideness on anything. They simply lack the courage. Arguably, if you call yourself a journalist, you are derelict if you are scared to ask the hard questions.

When, in history, the freedom of the press was mentioned, I do NOT believe they were referring to covering the exploits of Hollywood garbage…

Last edited 1 month ago by PlanningAnExit