By: Ted Dabrowski

Finding a law that reduces regulation and cuts costs within Illinois’ 255 new laws isn’t easy.* Many of them raise the cost of operating in Illinois by increasing monitoring or reporting standards or by adding safety requirements. Others simply increase fees or fines. Take a look at the full list provided by Illinois’ Senate Democrats and you’ll know what I mean.

But a particular law jumped out at me for being different. The law eliminates registration requirements for certain farming equipment and it gets rid of a $250 registration fee. For sure it’s small stuff, but it’s a welcome change from Illinois’ typical pattern of increasing restrictions and regulations.

Here’s how the Senate Democrats describe the new law:

License Plates on Farm Equipment (HB 2669/PA 101-0481): Removes current law requiring registration of specific farm wagon type trailers having a fertilizer spreader attachment and farm wagon type tank trailers. Removes the $250 registration fee and existing width and weight restrictions for single unit self-propelled agricultural fertilizer implements.

To understand more, I called one of the co-sponsors of the bill, Sen. Jason Plummer, (R-Edwardsville). He told me the equipment in question covers tankers and spreaders that are only used seasonally that shouldn’t require registration.

“It’s commonsensical,” he explained. “This new law is one of the few that will lower fees and reduce bureaucracy. It makes sense and it was easy to back.”

If only this theme of common sense was prevalent throughout Illinois’ remaining 254 new laws.  

* Caveat. Some of the Senate Democrat’s descriptions are short and cryptic, making it difficult to gauge whether a new law increases or decreases regulations and costs. But most of the time, you can get a sense of the direction.

Read more about Illinois and its fiscal crises:

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1 year ago

HB 347 says ” Adds other actions to the definition of abuse against the elderly”. Does that include abuse by the State in the form of ever increasing tax’s? There are laws if family members or companies take advantage of the elderly but no laws about state inflicted TAX abuse. I went to see if I qualify for reduced license plates and the income limits are very low so many do not qualify. I can get a senior exemption on my home regardless if I make $10M or $1 but can not get it for my plates and it is… Read more »

Poor Taxpayer
1 year ago

The best day of your life is the day you move out of Illinois.
There is no hope, DOA, a goner.
Let the cops, teachers and firemen pay all the pension taxes.
Do not be the last man to move.
The race is on to get out of this hell hole.
HIGH TAXES, LOW SERVICES AND some of the worst weather in the US.
You and your family deserve much better.

1 year ago

I’m a real big fan of the mandatory sexual harrassment training. I do not speak politics, sex, dirty jokes or anything controversial at work, so I’m looking forward to wasting my time on being reminded what is/isnt appropriate. I don’t date or hang out with coworkers. Now, I have to participate in this 1st grade BS, because IL government wants to act like a little tyrant/nanny.


1 year ago
Reply to  Douglas

This is only the start,Wait till the services go off like fire fighters,police .The TYRANT will get a second term.ILLINOIS will vote dem if they end up on the street.Illinois dems love the result they really are getting what they voted for. I moved out a year a go to a southern state.I have found out I feel so much better.

Hank Scorpio
1 year ago
Reply to  Douglas

The last training session I had to sit through, the speaker went around and made everyone say out loud about something they learned….