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Ted talked with Tom Miller of WJPF Radio about all the taxes and fees that were hiked as part of the 2020 budget state budget and the massive $45 billion infrastructure bill. Some of those hikes have been in place since July, but even more are going to be imposed come January 1st of next year.

Some highlights from the interview:

“It’s not that we don’t want to pay taxes, but Illinoisans already pay the highest taxes in the nation, so it’s not like we aren’t paying our fair share already. The problem is the government is making people pay more and more – and not for new services, new schools, new roads, but for old pension debt.”

“The way to really look at Illinois taxes is to consider how many people we are already losing. Many are fed up. If you look at the net numbers since 2000, about 1.5 million people have left, about 70,000 people a year. That’s like taking several counties in Southern Illinois and just wiping them off the map.”

“The debts aren’t going anywhere, but the people are. And those who remain are being stuck with a bigger and bigger bill…It’s on each one of us to push back.”


Read more about the new taxes included in the 2020 budget and the infrastructure bill:

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Poor Taxpayer

The best day of your life is the day you move out of Illinois. A U-Haul will solve the problem. Call a mover today and start a better life for you and your family. Illinois is DOA, no hope. Even the cops, firemen and teachers with the HUGE PENSIONS are running out of Illinois.
Last man standing will be a dead man. 83 Degrees and Sunny in South Florida, NO state income taxes. Freeze you a$$ off in poverty or start a great new life.

s and p 500

One of my Christmas rituals is seeing “The Nutcracker” at the LA County Music Center. Inside the program is a picture of the LA County Board of Supervisors. Sheila Kuehl is a union supporter but I wonder if any of the other supervisors are scared of the pension ghost of Christmas future. Or maybe they don’t believe in silly ghost stories.

Wally Konstanty

…Fewer people and higher taxes? That just don’t seem right Ms Daisy.
Legislators and bureaucrats don’t know how to subtract; they only know how to add and add…..

Danni Smith

push back will come in the form of simply not paying those real estate taxes and letting them repo 100’s of 1000’s of homes to do what? Give them to the illegals? Give them to the criminals in sanctuary Illinois/chiraq? Or give them to all the welfare mamas with the 7-8-9 illegit kiddos that the taxpayer is supporting? THEN, AND ONLY THEN CAN THEY BE ASSURED OF GETTING THOSE REAL ESTATE TAXES TO PAY THEIR INSANE PENSIONS. AND WON’T IT BE FUN TO WATCH, FROM ANOTHER STATE.


Ralph Matire has a theory that tax policy doesn’t influence people’s relocation decisions.

This evidence does not support his theory!

The evidence must be thrown out!


Next year is when I predict the exodus will truly reach its stride. First come the two minimum wage hikes, then there will be the progressive tax. (Let’s not kid ourselves. It will pass. If Illinoisans were stupid enough to vote for JB, they’ll be stupid enough to vote for the tax.) I’m sure the pols will continue blaming the weather.


Where I live, people voted for a “public safety tax” because it was promoted as “a penny for public safety.” I kid you not, most morons thought it was literally a penny tax and not an over-12% increase in the sales tax (an additional 1% tax on EVERYTHING.)

There’s no hope, given we already live in Idiocracy (and it’s not funny, not funny at all.)


Misleading referendums are pervasive throughout Illinois.

Another of many scams is advertising a bond referendum to finance building a new school will increase ones property taxes by $150 on a $300,000 house.

But that is just year one.

Year 2 might be $160.


Another is the bond referendum for the middle school is for $75M.

Left unstated is the $75M doesn’t include interest.


My school district passed a major, major bond issuance this past blue wave … HUGE, total giveaway. They could build a skyscraper for the size of the bond. But whatever, they sent out a flyer (using taxpayer money) saying that the bond issuance saved the taxpayer money because they got a lower interest rate than anticipated! They saved us money they never spent in the first place! Thank you all the haters who voted D because Orange Man Bad! Increased my taxes hundreds of dollars a year to upgrade perfectly good schools for ‘nuthin!

bob out of here

I ran into a somewhat similar issue here in Ohio during the last election. Our local school district passed a major tax increase, as did most of the other districts. What I found interesting was the similarity of the language in the various areas-it sounded more like NEA approved slogans to get approval. What everyone missed, because I got the info the day before the vote, was the entire effort was underwritten by business/corporate sponsors. There was zero citizen involvement. The hard work is done, the heavy lifting is over, so now it’s time to pass out the no bid… Read more »


That’s funny, because it’s true. IIRC there was some shenanigans about my town’s bond issuance too – they hired a PR firm and paid them $$$ to ‘inform’ the citizens about the referendum, and it turned out the PR firm was really just a PR firm for the unionized labor that would be the beneficiary of the $300,000,000 bond issuance. But Orange Man Bad! Trump is destroying our schools! Must pass bond!


A few years back the dome covering the fieldhouse in the Hononegah school district in Rockton collapsed from snow and ice. The dome was covered by insurance. Instead of rebuilding the project morphed into a $44M referendum which included everything under the sun including swimming pool. The voters rejected that by 63%. Then they scaled backed to a $17.8M for a brick and mortar fieldhouse which barely passed by 51% or 127 votes. I’m sure everyone who worked for the school district and their families voted for this. Now taxpayers have to pay the bill instead of the ins company.… Read more »


Anytime I hear the term “public safety” I know my taxes will be going up and my freedoms will be curtailed.


Think about it. The people running IL’s government are the largest beneficiaries of cigarette sales, alcohol sales, casino operations, sports betting, video slots and video poker, the numbers racket (we use the euphemism “lottery”), in short, the state of IL’s political system is the largest operator of vices, PERIOD. The state literally wins when people screw up their lives gambling, smoking pot, getting drunk, smoking cigarettes…all that’s missing is Pritzger, getting a slice of the child-sex-abuse-and-prostitution trafficking. No society in history built prosperity from fueling vice. We’re going to reap a whirlwind when the accumulating cataclysm from all this… Read more »


The state south of about Madison Street in Chicago is mostly hollowed out. There’s a lot of trashy people who smoke and drink at the bar, gamble and soon will smoke weed. It’s a bit like Sons of Anarchy except less motorcycles and crime and more fishing and hunting.