By: Mark Glennon

Do they have the slightest understanding of the United States Constitution?

On Friday, the Champaign, Illinois City Council unanimously approved an ordinance giving the mayor and city manager sweeping emergency powers in response to coronavirus.

Champaign, IL City Council

Its scope is mind-boggling. The city has tried to talk back the intended scope of the ordinance and claim their effort is constitutional, as reported by the Champaign News-Gazette.

However, the ordinance speaks for itself. It would permit the mayor, for example, to

– ban sharing gasoline in a container with somebody whose vehicle is empty or trying to run a generator;

– ban not just sales of firearms and ammunition but transfers from one person to another;

– allocate the use and consumption of food and other essentials among people in the city and impose price controls of all sorts;

– seize property of any kind with no process whatsoever;

– ignore all process for making laws and regulations, notices thereof, open meetings and the like;

– ban the sale or distribution of anything whatsoever that would be a “danger to public safety;”

– accept gifts of any kind; and

– eliminate freedom to travel as the mayor sees fit.

See for yourself. The key parts of the  text of the ordinance are here [emphasis added]:

After the declaration of an emergency, the Mayor may in the interest of public safety and welfare make any or all of the following orders and provide the following direction:

(1) Issue such other orders as are imminently necessary for the protection of life and property.

(2) Order a general curfew applicable to such geographical areas of the City or to the City as a whole, as the Mayor deems advisable, and applicable during such hours of the day or night as the Mayor deems necessary in the interest of public safety and welfare.

(3) Order the closing of all retail liquor stores, including taverns and private clubs or portions thereof wherein the consumption of intoxicating liquor and beer is permitted;

(4) Order the discontinuance of the sale of alcoholic liquor by any wholesaler or retailer;

(5) Order the discontinuance of selling, distributing, or giving away gasoline or other liquid flammable or combustible products in any container other than a gasoline tank properly affixed to a motor vehicle;

(6) Order the discontinuance of selling, distributing, dispensing or giving away of explosives or explosive agents, firearms or ammunition of any character whatsoever;

(7) Order the control, restriction and regulation within the City by rationing, issuing quotas, fixing or freezing prices, allocating the use, sale or distribution of food, fuel, clothing and other commodities, materials, goods or services or the necessities of life;

(8) (a) Order City employees or agents, on behalf of the City, to take possession of any real or personal property of any person, or to acquire full title or such lesser interest as may be necessary to deal with a disaster or emergency, and to take possession of and for a limited time, occupy and use any real estate to accomplish alleviation of the disaster, or the effects thereof;

(b) In the event any real or personal property is utilized by the City, the City shall be liable to the owner thereof for the reasonable value of the use or for just compensation as the case may be.

(9) Order restrictions on ingress or egress to parts of the City to limit the occupancy of any premises;

(10) To make provision for the availability and use of temporary emergency housing;

(11) Temporarily suspend, limit, cancel, convene, reschedule, postpone, continue, or relocate all meetings of the City Council, and any City committee, commission, board, authority, or other City body as deemed appropriate by the Mayor.

(12) Require closing of business establishments.

(13) Prohibit the sale or distribution within the City of any products which could be employed in a manner which would constitute a danger to public safety.

(14) Temporarily close any and all streets, alleys, sidewalks, bike paths, public parks or public ways.

(15) Temporarily suspend or modify, for not more than sixty (60) days, any regulation or ordinance of the City, including, but not limited to, those regarding health, safety, and zoning. This period may be extended upon approval of the City Council.

(16) Suspend or limit the use of the water resources or other infrastructure.

(17) Control, restrict, allocate, or regulate the use, sale, production, or distribution of food, water, fuel, clothing, and/or other commodities, materials, goods, services and resources.

(18) Suspend or limit burning of any items or property with the City limits and up to two (2) miles outside the corporate limits.

(19) Direct and compel the evacuation of all or part of the population from any stricken or threatened areas within the City if the mayor deems this action is necessary for the preservation of life, property, or other disaster or emergency mitigation, response or recovery and to prescribe routes, modes of transportation and destination in connection with an evacuation.

(21) Approve application for local, state, or federal assistance.

(22) Establish and control routes of transportation, ingress or egress.

(23) Control ingress and egress from any designated disaster or emergency area or home, building or structures located therein.

(24) Approve the transfer the direction, personnel, or functions of City departments and agencies for the purpose of performing or facilitating emergency or disaster services.

(25) Accept services, gifts, grants, loans, equipment, supplies, and/or materials whether from private, nonprofit, or governmental sources.

(26) Require the continuation, termination, disconnection, or suspension of natural gas, electrical power, water, sewer, communication or other public utilities or infrastructure. 

(27) Close or cancel the use of any municipally owned or operated building or other public facility.

(28) Declare, issue, enforce, modify and terminate orders for quarantine and isolation of persons or animals posing a threat to the public, not conflicting with the directions of the Health Officer of the community.

(29) Exercise such powers and functions in light of the exigencies of emergency or disaster including the waiving of compliance with any time consuming procedures and formalities, including notices, as may be prescribed by law.

*This article was updated with examples of actions the ordinance would allow the mayor to undertake.

Read more about the crises in Illinois:


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Ethan Jones

I am beginning to believe that us fair minded and constitutionally minded men and women are going to have to go and arrest using our CITIZENS RIGHTS to arrest these power grabbing false leaders. They pay lip service only to cloak their underhanded dealings.

The New Hotness? Baltimore Mayor Begs Residents To Stop Shooting Each Other So Hospital Beds Can Be Use For Coronavirus Patients.


The Democrats are stupid on that board

Stanley Craig

What they intend to do is irrelevant. What is written in the ordinance are many violations of basic rights.

Stanley Craig

See comments below. If some parts of the ordinance are illegal they can’t be enforced.


That’s the real problem though. They “package” this bs and sneak the ability to take your rights away at a later date deemed necessary to their agenda. Whether we agree or not. That IS communism period!

Stanley Craig

Ugh. The Champaign city council can’t take your rights away. Other laws supersede the ordinance.


You people need to call for an emergency election and have them removed from office immediately


I agree


Frankly the scariest part is the MAYOR is given these “powers”. Dumb, meet dumber. A clueless little mayor who wouldnt know what to do in an emergency anyway. Virtue signaling goofs with smiles on their faces so they can proudly say “look what we did for our people “

E. Harris

Be smart and don’t give your position away

E. Harris

Almost time

E. Harris

Almost Time to bug ___!

Poor Taxpayer

You just got to love Illinois.
Buck Them and give them a kiss good bye.

David Altobelka

True Socialism at work!!

Scott Giblin

Ya, arm yourselves people, your going to need it.

CPT Sooner

DOJ should act upon this extreme abuse of power immediately. If not the DOJ, at the least the state AG should come down like a sledge hammer on these communists and explain they can’t enact these extreme communist measures until after Bernie takes office and that until then, America is still a Constitutional Republic. Martial law doesn’t give a group like this carte blanche to trample on all our constitutional liberties that Americans have shed their blood to enact and protect. Hopefully, this is an eye opener for young and old alike that communism has no place in our American… Read more »


No we the people as a whole need to arm up and rise against these evil tyrants


Democrats show their true colors now, what a bunch of baggy eyed Bolsheviks!

There was no name of a party there. Stick to the point. We the people should never let that happen.

Governor of Alderaan

The fact that the party wasn’t named indicates it is Democrats behind this crime

Mr. mez

I live just outside the city limits….. I got enough guns and ammo to take out a mid sized citys police force if I need to…. youre all more than welcome to come on down

Josh Murdock



It’s not even that serious. Just stay inside! They don’t need to push all that other crap.


Not worried at all they can not do that


This is America

Marcia Headley

I lived in Illinois 62 yrs–moved away 8 yrs ago.. Thank you God

Dave Price

What Party Affiliation do the council members have?


Sounds like trump supporters


Isn’t Illinois primarily dem? That is why they can’t have guns and have horrid crime.


Cant have guns? We have concealed carry here in Illinois. As for the crime, besides parts of Chicago, Rockford and Aurora, Illinois is pretty safe. As for “primarily dem”, does that really make a difference? Most of the state is rural and have lots of Republicans but again, does that really matter?

Fkkjtfh HK

Good luck getting a permit!


I got one


Except Its liberals who willingly give up their freedoms for a false sense of security…


You forgot the /sarc at the end.

Fkkjtfh HK

Trump upholds the 2nd amendment.
Get your head out of your ass, and do your research!


They are Democrats. Champaign is very liberal, get your facts straight before you shoot your mouth off



They’re all democrats

Wanda Vaught

This is VERY scary!!

Concerned citizen

So now they want to use the virus as an excuse to take away people’s rights and freedoms this is ridiculous and unconstitutional they need to stop hiding behind it and tell the truth they want total control this cannot be allowed or next thing you know every county will be trying it

Allie Byars

They did it in China and now Italy and a lot of places in Europe are now as well! They aren’t going to take your shit away! When it says using property (TEMPORARILY) they mean say a clinic or medical facility to service people or warehouses and shops for supplies. They do this after hurricanes and disasters all the time!!!!!!! And they get it back! They told people, stay home. PEOPLE DIDN’T LISTEN. A shit ton of people died, especially in Italy at first, so they had to forced them to stay home with contingencies for groceries and medication. Thank… Read more »


They should all be locked away in jail for attempting to take away each citizens constitutional rights. Especially the mayor!!!


Do we give them the 1 arm salute?

A one finger salute.

YouR Fuked

Leg me guess. All damofucks, worthless ones at that.

Marty Simard

You are not elected official you cannot do or impose on people without governor consent
That is abuse of power and agains the constitution


Lol there is not gonna be a constitution

nightguy 56@gmail . com

they have NO FUCKING AUTHORITY to do anything against the contitution or they are TRAITORS TO THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA jail the fucking stupid TRAITORS

Barbara Svestka

They are all goofy! None of these have anything associated to the virus at hand! Looks like the mayor wants to take over the city and be their dictator! People of Champaign , Illinois, you better do some protesting! They are using this response under the disguise for the virus! It just doesn’t need to be so inclusive for freedoms and control of property, food, water, energy, etc!


That village board looks like they rounded up all the village idiots and gave them a job where they could do no harm.


Love it!


Illinois has always been 49th to 50th in property rights. When Kelo V New London happened, most other states restricted eminent domain at state level. Not the communist state of Illinois though. I’m not saying that other states do good protecting property rights–on the contrary, as property rights are under attack nationwide. Illinois is THE very worst though. Number 8 is very frightening.

Government should be there to protect your individual liberty and property–not take it.

Jeannie McGrew

These are what I would call the village idiots every town has them. Sometimes you just need to drain the swamp. 🇺🇸😚


What a frigging joke! You people are so stupid on this martial law shit!

Allie B

Thank you! They impose martial law after every hurricane or major disaster. Curfews = martial law. Using local businesses for services and supplies = martial law. Forcing people to say home because they are too stubborn to stay home = martial law. Making businesses close their brick and mortars = martial law because people won’t stay home if there are places to go. Blame idiots. Italy did it and so is a lot of Europe. China did it and I didn’t here anyone flipping out about that!! Because it was the right thing to do.

Governor of Alderaan

Yes, Democrats impose martial law after every hurricane, tornado, Reichstag fire, cloudy day, etc. Gotta confiscate guns after an earthquake!


Illinois has the leaders it deserves.


Retail liquor stores can be closed but marijuana dispensaries remain open? Beer is bad but pot is good?

Brittany Crum

Yes 😂 just my opinion though…


Well duh have you ever researched the health issues with alchohol vs weed.




Yeah alcohol weakens the immune system. Making you more susceptible to the virus… Marijuana does NOT… But this reign of power being sought out by the governor is absurd. Protest and boycott and then the military will step in. Arm yourselves as we have constitutional rights.

Charlotte Aines

I’m not sure smoking a joint is the best thing for your respiratory system


Edibles like brownies, gummies, chocolates, etc. That state has been out of smokable weed since the first day it went on sale. Because IL can’t do anything right. A state full of crony hires is run like a state full of crony hires.

Jennifer Benson

Who cares about weed vs alchohol. This is way bigger then that!


Weed is ‘medicine’ prepared under the supervision of the state, didn’t you know? Medicine, that if you look at the packaging, has no dosage information on it, at all. Because what medicine has no dosage information?

I think it’s implying that a drunk rioting mob does more damage and also alcohol can make moltov cocktails.

Fed up neighbor

They tell us not to panic go about your every day lives. And look at what these fools are trying to do, talk about inflicting panic.