Some of the arrows flying out of the massive federal corruption investigation centered in Chicago are pointed in a new direction.

Part of the probe now centers on efforts to get work for retired Chicago Alderman Michael Zalewski, Sr., at ComEd and interactions between House Speaker Michael Madigan, Zalewski, Sr., and longtime ComEd lobbyist and Madigan confidant Michael McClain, according to three sources familiar with the federal investigation.

That’s according to a new report from WBEZ. Read the whole thing.

House Speaker Michael Madigan and former Alderman Michael Zalewski, Sr.

The Feds executed a search warrant on Zalewski, Sr.’s home. According to WBEZ, sources familiar with the investigation say they were seeking records regarding the alderman’s longtime political ally, Madigan. Exelon and ComEd also received a grand jury subpoena from the U.S. Attorney’s Office of the Northern District of Illinois requiring production of information concerning its lobbying activities in Illinois.

Zalewski, Sr., was a Chicago Alderman for over twenty years. He lobbied the State of Illinois while in that post and thereafter. His son, Micheal Zalewski, Jr., has been a state representative since 2008 and “by all appearances lobbies Chicago through his law firm,” according to earlier reporting linked here.

Another fact, scandalous in itself, is that Governor JB Pritzker in April appointed Zalewski, Jr.’s wife as Chairman of the Illinois Commerce Commission! That commission plays the key role setting utility rates charged by Exelon and others that are critical for Illinois consumers. Come on, JB. You claim to be the champion for the poor and working class and you did that? Might as well pour fertilizer into the swamp.

It’s not clear what wrongdoing the Feds suspect. It will be interesting to learn whether it includes favors for passage of the Future Energy Jobs Act in 2016, which was heavily criticized as an Exelon bailout.

UPDATE 7/7/19: The FBI has now searched McLain’s home as well.

Mark Glennon is founder of Wirepoints.


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John Briggs
10 months ago

Prikser claims to be a champion of the poor! Have you not seen the crap he has pulled since becoming governor?
The taxes have doubled and he’s trying to raise them even more. We can’t afford to live here and can’t afford to leave. All because chicago needs more and more money.

Blair Garber
10 months ago

“Governor JB Pritzker in April appointed Zalewski, Jr.’s wife as Chairman of the Illinois Commerce Commission! ”

No, Madigan’s hand picked transition team made those appointments. Pritzker would sign his own death warrant if Madigan had it put in front of him.

In fact with all these taxes Pritzker is as popular as a turd in a punchbowl, though still unbeatable.

10 months ago
Reply to  Blair Garber

Unbeatable? He’s only been in office a few months! Give it time. The failure of the progressive tax amendment may turn him toxic.

10 months ago

They will not lay a glove on Madigan

10 months ago
Reply to  Na

Are you crazy? Every subpoena, every wiretap, every secret recording exists for one purpose and one purpose alone – get Madigan. Solis was in Madigan’s office, sitting at the chairs on the other side of his desk, wearing a wire! He was wearing a wire in Madigan’s own office! Madigan at this point is not naive enough to believe he that Solis was the only one either. I expect Madigan to retire at the next election and then charges to follow shortly thereafter. That’s my opinion.

Glenn Sommers
10 months ago

Mike madigan made IL natural joke good oh Mike madigan and his drinking buddy JB pritzker need put in prison with Hillary Clinton Rock head Obama and Joe Biden creepy Joe

10 months ago
Reply to  Glenn Sommers

Or better yet, put him in a cell with Blago. I’ve read quite a bit of speculation that he only got caught because Boss Mike threw him under the bus out of spite for not playing by his rules.

10 months ago

Wow. I hope the Feds interview these guys individually to see who rats on who. But I’m not sure the Feds are good enough to handle Madigan. They are good at mafia crime, but not someone like Madigan.

10 months ago
Reply to  Rick

Madigan knows exactly what is happening. He’s toast.

10 months ago
Reply to  Debtsor

I only hope !