Ted was on Illinois Rising last week discussing what the 2019 budget means for Illinois.

Passing a budget does nothing to change the fact that Illinois is on the wrong track.

“We’re one notch away from a junk bond rating. You can’t be a destination state if you have the highest property taxes in the nation, losing a third of our manufacturing jobs since the turn of the century, shrinking population three years in a row.”


Read more about Wirepoints’ take on Illinois’ budget:

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Will Illinois budget negotiations reverse the 10 trends dragging Illinois toward insolvency, or simply perpetuate them?

One Chart Shows How You’re Being Lied To Again About This Budget Being ‘Balanced’

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2 years ago

What upsets me most is that any real reforms(pensions-gerrymandering-school consolidations-property tax reductions and reforms-workman’s compensation-term limits) will never see the light of day to be voted on by the General Assembly or the general public. If your objective is to die from excessive taxation Illinois SHOULD be your destination. If you want to give your hard earned money that WILL be distributed to those with political clout Illinois SHOULD be your destination. If someone want’s to move here with the intention of spending their money to REDUCE my taxes then Illinois SHOULD be their destination. If they want to also… Read more »