By: Mark Glennon*

In the Illinois Department of Public Health’s April 8 online coronavirus update for hospitals and healthcare providers, which Wirepoints has obtained, the Chief of the Communicable Disease Section said this:

Hospitalization, as I showed on the severity side – it’s very important for us to know the number that are being hospitalized and what comorbidities are present, and whether they’re being admitted to the ICU [intensive care unit] as well. [T]hat’s the most important information that we are looking for. [Emphasis added.]

That information is most important for the public to know for the same reasons it is most important for IDPH to know, as Wirepoints and others have been writing repeatedly.

But Illinois continues to hide information on hospitalizations, capacity and utilization for beds, ICU and ventilators.

Pursuant to state directive, healthcare providers are sending those numbers daily to IDPH. IDPH receives those numbers for each hospital separately, compiles the totals, categorizes them by region and – Governor JB Pritzker has claimed – calculates and looks at three-day moving averages.

But if you’d like so see that, you’d have to ask once a day and you will only get grand totals for the previous day. We’ve been doing that and compiled it for you here.

The public, however, sees none of that. Why not release all the data so everybody can see and make their own judgements? And why not provide the rest, like names of the hospitals that might actually have a capacity issue. Which hospitals are in crisis for a different reason — empty beds? Which regions are good and bad? IDPH has that regional breakdown but won’t give it out. Pritzker says he prefers to look at three-day moving averages. Good idea. Let’s see them.

From the information we can get, it’s already clear to us that Pritzker’s demands for resources have far exceeded what was needed, and that’s not based on hindsight, as we detailed earlier. An exception is personal protective equipment at certain locations.

Governor Pritzker at a recent daily briefing

Both Pritzker and his public health director wouldn’t answer reporters who, at least twice, asked expressly for this data over the last several days. Pritzker has also refused earlier, direct requests to provide the models and projections he says he is relying on.

Pritzker is effectively saying, “Just trust us. Never mind the numbers behind the curtain.” He has been stage managing the facts and data since the crisis started. Nobody should judge anything about this crisis based on what any politician says – not Pritzker, President Trump or anybody else. The federal government, too has been derelict on releasing the data we really need.

Tough decisions are now at hand about how and when to begin lifting stay-at-home rules. They must be based on science, as Pritzker tells us constantly, but where’s his science? He has said he is cautiously optimistic that the numbers are flattening, but vagaries like that aren’t enough.

Decisions also need to be based on the extent of the economic carnage caused by the shutdowns, which Illinois has yet to even broach.

Finally, decisions must reflect consideration of the intrusions on individual liberty now in place, which are immense.

Those are not matters we should blindly entrust to any government.

*Mark Glennon is founder of Wirepoints.

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Chip Skipper
7 months ago
7 months ago

I wouldn’t trust Jumbo as far as I could throw him, think about that for a moment

7 months ago

At there is an article by JD Heyes entitled Are you ready for the big pension fund bailout of 2020 and he talks about the financial mess of Illinois.

7 months ago

I would not trust this governor with anything for any reason. We need a petition to remove him from office now, not at the end of his term. By the end of his term there will no longer be a middle class in Illinois.

Transparent Illinois
7 months ago

Can we create a petition for Illinois residents to sign that demands the Governor be transparent with the data? Governor Pritzker serves the residents of Illinois and apart of that is giving us the data he is using to make these decisions in our best interest.

7 months ago

This is a critical time for civilian vigilance over taxing bodies and NGOs receiving oceans of federal taxpayers’ money.
Evidence should be collected (legally, remember you cannot record a person speaking in Illinois) and False Claims Act cases organized.
There are substantial rewards for citizens who follow through.
Civilian scrutiny of political class malfeasance could have a chilling effect on future such malfeasance.

7 months ago

Put the blame where it belongs, on the voters. Get rid of Pritzker and the voters will put another incompetent in his place. The same goes for Lightfoot.

7 months ago

“Those are not matters we should blindly entrust to any government.”

Progressivism requires the blind trust of the government’s intrusion into every aspect of your life. He’s giving Illinois’s Democrat voters exactly what they want: lies about government’s response with a healthy dose of Trump bashing.

Mark Felt
7 months ago

Pritzker will never put out the numbers because people will ask him to make hard decisions on what to do with the resources he has available. It’s better for him to cry like a two year old and blame the federal government for his incompetence.

7 months ago

Meanwhile our neighbor to the north has made available a very impressive COVID19 summary dashboard:

My hope is that the feds will tell JB to stick his mystery data when he goes hat in hand asking for billions in federal aid.